As a parent myself, I have had many frustrating days thanks to ‘2 little fussy eaters’ – not knowing what to give them, especially, as like many Mums, I want to be sure they are getting a healthy, balanced diet.  To be fair though, I shouldn’t have expected anything less, as I was once one myself (and in some people’s eyes, I probably still am).

For me, the situation was made 10 times worse when I discovered, in April 2013, that both my eldest son and I are dairy intolerant. In fact as a family I cope with:

  • Me – dairy intolerant (cows products only)
  • Husband – allergic to cheese, will not have butter on anything and has a reaction to certain combinations of particularly acidic foods & chemicals (which led to him becoming tee total in his late teens)
  • Eldest son (soon to be 11 as I write this) – fully dairy intolerant
  • Youngest son (aged 9) – same acidic / chemical combo issue

Oh, and when we have family get togethers, you can add coeliac disease and vegetarian to that list – so I like to use the word ‘challenging’ to describe the catering.

So What Can We Do To Encourage Our Children To Be Healthier?

Download your FREE 22 page Healthy Living Ambassadors Children’s eGuide (click button below), a fun way to help you to help your children to make healthy choices, that will hopefully last a lifetime!

This eGuide contains:

  • A lunchbox planning guide
  • A snack ideas cheat sheet
  • Challenge guide, fully of healthy choice ideas
  • Challenge completion Certificate template
  • Activity sheets

One downloaded, you sit down with your child (children), go through the pack and decide what incentive (family outing, fun activity etc) you will do once you have all finished the challenge.