When I was 16, I decided I had had enough of school and exams and I stepped out into the big wide world of employment.

Back then (1984), there were many opportunities to join a company and effectively have a job for life. In my case, I chose a career in banking and whilst I left after 12 years, I could easier have stayed a lot longer.

Sadly, in this day & age it is a very different picture. I feel for teenagers today, as they almost feel obliged to go to University and then when they do leave with their qualification, many struggle to find employment and have a hefty student loan to pay off.

So is there a better way? There sure is – infact I know several teenagers who are earning enough money, whilst still having fun, to pay their own way through university and who will, if they choose, have an exciting and thriving business to run full time when they leave.

Would you like to be one? Does the VERY REAL lifestyle shown in the video below appeal to you?

If the answer is yes, I would love to have a chat – just get in touch to find out more.